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TDC first to offer HD Voice in Denmark

29th September 2011

TDC's network throughout the country now supports a brand new technology that improves the voice quality of mobile calls, HD Voice. TDC’s customers will experience the rollout as a gradual process, with business customers being the first to benefit.

The most significant improvement in voice quality since the mobile phone was invented. That is how TDC sees the new technology, HD Voice, which is now supported by TDC's 3G network.

HD Voice improves call quality, with background noise being eliminated and the voices being made clearer. It will be possible, for example, to have a normal conversation in a very noisy environment where you would normally have to shout at each other or not hear most what was being said.

Initially it will be TDC's business customers who experience HD Voice. Then TDC's other customers will also benefit from access to HD Voice.

HD Voice does not cost any extra, but is covered by the relevant contract.

Access to HD Voice: Network
For the functionality and quality of HD Voice to be experienced, both the handsets taking part in the call must be covered by TDC's 3G network*. If either person moves into an area where HD Voice is unavailable while the call is in progress, the call will switch to standard sound quality.

Access to HD Voice: Mobile phone
For HD Voice to work, both the caller and the person receiving the call also need to have a handset with built-in HD Voice technology that has been activated. Most of the latest handsets from Nokia and Sony Ericsson now support HD Voice**.

* See the attached photo or go to http://daekning.tdc.dk/privat.html to see a map showing TDC's coverage.

** Nokia: All Symbian^3 handsets: N8, C6-01, C7, E6, E7, 500, 600, 700, 701. S40 handsets: C3-01, X3-02.

Sony Ericsson: Xperia 2011 handsets: Arc / Arc S, Neo / Neo V, Play, Ray, Active, Mini, Mini Pro, Pro. Live with Walkman.


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