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TDC Mobile launches picture messages - free of charge to beg

November 14, 2002

TDC Mobile is the first telco in Denmark to offer its subscribers the chance to send and receive picture messages on their cell phones via multimedia messaging service (MMS). The new service is launched on Monday, November 18. The offered content of the service will be limited in the introductory period. In return, the customers will be able to get to know the new service - free of charge.

"In order to establish a market and at the same time bridge the gap to the services that our customers can expect of the future mobile network, we have chosen to let our customers send picture messages free of charge to begin with," says Mads Middelboe, President of TDC Mobile. "We are convinced that the driving force behind picture messages for the cell phone will be that our customers can take their own photos and send them to their friends and family. We will also see a demand for mobile postcards with birthday and Christmas greetings and that sort of thing. It is that kind of content that will characterize the picture messages to begin with."

Customers can create their own photo album (BilledAlbum) on TDC Mobile's homepage (www.tdcmobil.dk), where they can save pictures, share them with friends and family or send them to others. Here, they will also find mobile postcards (MobilPostkort) that they can send. In addition, customers without a picture phone can view picture messages that have been sent to them at the website.

Sending picture messages requires a later model cell phone that supports the MMS technology. TDC Mobile has chosen to make the service available via the company's GPRS network. It is not necessary, however, to take out a separate subscription in order to register for the service.

"The special phones that can send and receive picture messages are still relatively high priced, but our calculations show that we will have around 50,000 potential customers within the next six months," says Mads Middelboe.

Initially, TDC Mobile's own subscribers can use the picture messages. Cell Time (Mobiltid) customers and customers with service providers in TDC Mobile's network will also get the chance to send picture messages via their cell phones at a later point.

"Customers who would like to start sending picture messages via their cell phones can get further information on this and register for the service at our web address www.tdcmobil.dk/mms from Monday, November 18 at 12 noon," says Mads Middelboe.

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