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TDC: More than 30 music companies in the PLAY agreement

March 31, 2008

TDC, a leading provider of communications solutions in the Nordic region, today launches a new, ground-breaking music service that offers their Danish mobile and broadband customers unlimited access to music downloads from renowned local and international acts, without additional charge.

Three of the world's major music companies and a large number of Danish music companies are part of TDC's new music service called PLAY, which launches at midnight on April 1, 2008.

TDC's and YouSee's broadband and mobile customers - with the exception of a few subscriptions types - will be able to download more than one million tracks from artists such as Red Hot Chili Peppers, REM, Ida Corr, James Blunt, Anne Linnet, Bruce Springsteen, Outlandish, L.O.C, Robbie Williams,TV2, Szhirley and many, many more.

"When our customers wake up tomorrow, we will have changed their everyday lives. They will experience that through PLAY they are suddenly able to download all the music they wish as a part of their subscription from TDC or YouSee, legally and without extra charges," says Jens Alder, President and CEO of TDC.

At present, TDC has entered into agreements with three of the four largest international music companies, EMI, SONY BMG and Warner Music Denmark as well as many Danish independent labels including the MBO group, DIGIDI, Artpeople, Clockwize, House of Scandinavia. The agreements cover both new and catalogue releases.

Under the terms of the deals, the ability to play the downloaded tracks will expire automatically if the customer terminates their subscription. TDC will also offer music fans the opportunity to purchase their favourite tracks for 8dkk (approx. €1) per download.

"It took the right combination of scale and innovation to make such a pioneering idea a reality. TDC has this combination, but fortunately we also met people in the music industry who have also been able to see the possibilities for PLAY," says Jens Alder.

Jens Alder explains the rationale for the launch of PLAY with the fact that both the mobile and broadband market are more or less saturated, and that there is a need for new thinking for telcos to attract more customers. 

"Today it is not enough just to offer a smart cell phone or a fast broad band access line. Therefore, we are investing in making music available to our customers, and we believe that we will benefit from it financially and get more satisfied customers," he says.

PLAY is a unique concept and rumours about PLAY have lately been appearing in the international media.

"PLAY is the most important strategic move for TDC in many years. We are setting a new course for the broadband and mobile industries, as we offer our customers unique access to digital music this is an important step in the fight against piracy that has troubled the music industry for many years," says Jens Alder.

Further comments:

Michael Wermuth, General Manager, EMI Music Denmark, says "It is one of our most important missions to make it as easy as possible for the Danes to access our artists' music. PLAY is a fantastic initiative which adds even more possibilities to the music palette".

Jonas Siljemark, President, Warner Music Nordic, says "By offering the PLAY service as part of their mobile and subscription packages, TDC will offer a highly innovative way for their customers to explore and discover music from our local and international acts. A service of this nature has the potential to connect our artists with audiences across a vast spectrum of musical taste and consumer behaviour".

Niels Bak, manager of KODA, says "Much has been said and written about making music flow like water through 'pipes' - TDC is the first telco however to create a music service which makes it easy and legal for their broadband and mobile costumers to enjoy music without extra cost. We are happy to be part of the project and proud that we have succeeded in giving TDC access to a majority of the world's music in one agreement. It is noteworthy that TDC has made a significant effort to include the Danish music, which will be beneficial to those many thousands of Danish artists who are members of KODA".

Henrik Daldorph, General Manager SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT DENMARK A/S and chairman of the Danish ifpi: SONY BMG sees PLAY as a fantastic initiative for both music lovers, artists and music labels. Play will undoubtedly strengthen the digital distribution of music and bring Denmark at the forefront of development of a new music market".

Further information:

TDC's Press Secretariat, tel. +45 70 20 35 10


PLAY facts
TDC pays recording music companies and composers

With PLAY our customers can download music without additional costs to their subscription to TDC or YouSee. This is possible because TDC pays the record companies for making their music content available to the customers. TDC has also entered into a publishing agreement with KODA, who represent the composers in the Danish market.

The technology is supplied by 24/7 Entertainment

The technological solution behind PLAY is supplied by 24/7 Entertainment that has been TDC's technical partner for more than three years. 24/7 Entertainment is founded by Carl Henrik Nielsen and Frank Taubert and is today one of the world's leading suppliers of digital music sales and distribution solutions.

Free access for broadband and mobile phone customers

From 1 April 2008, TDC customers with one of the following subscriptions have unlimited access to downloading music from PLAY without any surcharge:

  • o YouSee: All broadband customers (speeds above 2 Mbit/s)
  • o TDC Broadband and TDC Employee Broadband: All products with download speeds above 1 Mbit/s (TDC Broadband City and non-usage-based broadband does not give access to PLAY).
  • o TDC Bredbånd Professionel og TDC Business Bredbånd: All products (though limited to download for private use).
  • o TDC Mobile:
  • § TDC Duét Extra, -30, -120, TDC Simply
  • § MobilExtra, -100, -200, -400, -Plus, 2+
  • § Mixit Regning
  • § MaxSms, MaxSms Live
  • § MaxTale, MaxTale+
  • § MaxOne (gl.), MaxOne (ny), MaxOne+
  • § MobilTid Online
  • § TDC Simply
  • § Only99, Only199
  • § Click
  • § MEDA 100, -200, -400
Access with Digital Signature

TDC's mobile phone customers automatically have access to PLAY through the FLY WAP portal.

TDC's broadband customers need a TDC Login or Digital Signature to access PLAY. A TDC Login is created via TDC Online.

More than 30 music companies are included

All together more than 30 Danish and international companies are included in the agreement.



Sony BMG

Warner Music Denmark

Danish (includes among others)

MBO: An umbrella organisation for a total of 5 labels




House of Scandinavia

A huge number of titles are included

PLAY contains a wide-ranging repertoire from the music companies involved, i.e. both current as well as catalogue releases.

Which file formats are used in PLAY

Music for mobile phones: AAC/AAC+ (48 kbit/s)

Music for computers: WMA (192 kbit/s)


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